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Peter Arnold

One of London’s most accomplished fine art photographers and also an artist. Author and photographer of a best selling series of coffee table books of flower studies, ‘Tulips’, given by Queen Beatrice of Holland as her official gift to guests, ‘Orchids’ and ‘Bulbs in Bloom’ (selling more that 100,000 books internationally). He has now turned his talents to ‘Men Exposed’, a photographic perspective of the male nude, Now!

He has exhibited in some of the top galleries in London . Cork Street , Dover Street and at the prestigious Bruton Street Gallery. And also with both Kodak and Ilford.

Peter’s great strength is his eye for detail. He is a master of moulding light and shade, and each photograph has been carefully composed to bring out every detail; transforming his models into glowing, bronze sculptures, reminiscent of Ancient Greek Gods

In London , Peter lives in fashionable Belgravia with his partner, in an apartment that once belonged to the family of Princess Diana. He is a keen gardener and jogger.

His images have recently been used by Alexander McQueen for the Autumn/Winter collection and for swimwear designs by Laura Ashley. At present, Peter is working on separate books of his photographs and his paintings. He is keen to find a manufacturer who would like to produce a range of cards of his male nude photographs.

The images in his exhibition are for sale as Fine Art Limited Edition Prints and as larger prints on canvas.

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